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Blue Apron is it worth it?


Service: Blue Apron
Price: $59.99 for three meals serving two people each
Overall Impression: Great for busy weeknight meals and to shake up your cooking routine.

There are some days I just want to put it all on auto pilot. You know, just set everything to cruise control until I have the brain power to, say, come up with a menu for dinner. Enter Blue Apron. After seeing a bunch of ads, I finally decided to try Blue Apron, the pre-portioned, ready to cook meal delivery service after a friend gave me a rave review of the service. Here’s how it went.

Blue Apron is a (for the most part) nationwide delivery service that sends you a box of pre-portioned meal ingredients, with recipes. I was curious whether this was a truly helpful innovation in shopping and meal prep, or simply the worst of both worlds — expensive take-out food you still had to cook yourself.

The Review

Characteristics and Specs: The kit contained all the ingredients needed to cook three meals, each feeding 2 people, complete with recipes with step-by-step photos. Blue Apron also offers plans to feed 4 and 6 people, as well as a choice between the meat and fish or vegetarian meal plans. Delivery times range daily from 8am to 8pm and 6pm to 8pm, which suited my work schedule the best.


A Skeptic’s Review Of Blue Apron



Chances are, if you’ve been on the internet for any period of time you’ve heard of Blue Apron. It’s a delivery service that sends a box of all the ingredients (fresh produce, spices, cheeses, meat, etc) you need to make supper for two people or a family of four – generally, there are a variety of different plans. I have always been skeptical of services like these mainly because I enjoy going to the grocery store and tend to cook on a regular basis. So I didn’t understand how this could be a help to someone like me. I also had serious concerns about whether or not it would be a good value for my money so I pretty much dismissed it right off. Then, I heard that my sister was a regular subscriber and decided to take a second look.

Around that time, Blue Apron offered to let me try their service out and my curiosity got the best of me. I told them I’d be happy to try it out and post an honest review from the standpoint of a skeptic. They gave me a code to use on the site and I went in and ordered. I was able to let them know what not to include for my family (seafood) and choose from a variety of meals, so it was a customized experience. Then, I chose the date of delivery to make sure it came when I was in town.boxI received a large box with all of the ingredients in it on the morning of my scheduled delivery date. The box was packaged really well and if I would have been gone all day it would have easily stayed cold until I got home with all of the ice packs and cooler it was shipped in.


Do You Need Emergency Survival Food?

We are living in a world that is so unpredictable, and disasters are happening around the globe day in, day out. Emergencies can happen anywhere anytime, and the need to prepare ourselves for disasters is universal and of paramount importance. At My Patriot Supply, they take pride in providing the very best survival items, and have been in the industry for over a decade now.  Their teams of professionals are passionate about ensuring emergency preparedness and self-sufficiency to all their potential and existing customers.  They not only understand the need for preparing for the unexpected but their reputation is known for being active participants in the survivalist lifestyle space.  Preparing for emergencies can be a daunting task to many people, but at My Patriot Supply, they believe in three principles, Self-reliance, Food independence, and emergency preparedness.  We are the only trusted experts in self-reliance, and that’s why we specialize in supplying emergency survival foods that last up to 25 years, Survival supplies, water filtration, and non-GMO heirloom seeds.

Water is life and in cases of emergencies if you don’t get clean water to drink you may suffer dehydration which can cause serious problems to ythier health. This is why at My Patriot we supply you with emergency water filtration equipment that features the survival spring and the next generation water filtration straw that removes up to 99.999% if not 100% of water bacteria’s and waterborne.We eat to live, and if anyone goes without food for a period he/she may die, so have you ever thought of what can happen to you or ythier family in case the unthinkable happen, and you don’t have access to power, transportation or food?

For emergency survival food you can trust us as ythier survival partners that never disappoints. We provide healthy real food for both long-term and short-term that you can prepare within a whisker by adding a little water. We also provide you with survival seeds vault that you can grow their own food that can serve you for the longest time. {In addition to that, at their survival store, we supply you with survival heirloom seeds that comprise of more than 200 varieties of non-GMOs seeds that grow in any region despite climate changes.  This company is a one-stop shop, and we cater for all ythier survival needs by also providing to you all the food storage equipment like case packs and survival food cans that are ideal for outdoor family activities like camping and road trips.|At their survival store, we supply you with survival heirloom seeds that comprise of more than 200 varieties of non-GMOs seeds that grow in any region despite climate changes.

Their company is a one-stop shop, and we cater for all their survival needs by also providing to you all the food storage equipment like case packs and survival food cans that are ideal for outdoor family activities like camping and road trips.} In outdoor activities, you also need some survival essentials like first aid kits, shovels, camp shower, axes just to mention but a few, all these and many more of emergency kit you can find them in their survival store reasonably priced.All their survival equipment are affordable, and we offer free shipping on all orders that are more than $79. Quality, customer protection and satisfaction are thier number one priority, and we believe in adding value to thier clients, hence no matter what their survival needs may be you can trust us as ythier survival equipment partners.For more details about all thier survival equipment, please do not hesitate to contact their team of friendly and helpful staffs on 1-866-229-0927 or visit thier website on At My Patriot Supply,


My Patriot Supply Survival Founded in 2008

About My Patriot Supply Survival
Founded in 2008 and also based out of Richmond, IN, My Patriot Supply supplies a wide range of premium quality, budget-friendly products geared toward self-preparedness and self-sufficiency. The company claims that unlike their competition, they’re focused on aiding clients accomplish their self-sufficiency goals, rather than using scare techniques to market more products.

My Patriot Supply is not ranked with the Bbb, though they do have a fairly strong social media sites existence with near 25,000 Facebook suches as, and also 300 Twitter followers. Based on our research, the firm has a very favorable online reputation, both for the top quality of their items, and also for their level of customer service.


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Small organizations developed into great kinds due to their capacity to broaden.

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The water water flow ideas, materials, steps, and care

The water water flow ideas, materials, steps, and care

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